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FRIVOL is one part an absurd duel, one part an experimental jam session, and an undoubted party overall. FRIVOL is an excavator that keeps digging out new music(ians), a corner shop where freelance players meet and where they defy the showbiz rules.

Accompanied by electronic beats FRIVOL puts two or more musicians on stage and makes them work and compete with and against each other. The improviser that connects better with the audience wins.

FRIVOL takes music outside its box and inspires musicians with theatre, life poetry, visual art and fashion shows on the same stage.

The rules are irregular and it’s not fair at all. Anyone can try and win. Out of the game are those who don’t improvise.

Lifts into musical heaven

11.7.2013 18:00-20:00, Piazetta ND, Národní 4, Praha 1

FRIVOL is both a lift towards musical heaven and a pit to damnation. The most unfair battle in musical improvization will engage the audience more than they are used to. The ancient experiment with six musicians and a party which is indeed impossible to repeat.

Special guests: the winner of Swedish round of FRIVOL: Carlos Amigo, MC Metoděj Constantin and DJ Ultrafino.


In december FRIVOL held more than 15th experimental parties and the finals where worth it. Over the time we have pissed off tens of musicians, dancers, signers, costume designers, photographers, etc. And that is a lot.

We want to say a frank Thanks and ask you, how to go on. We hope to get you involved in changing FRIVOL as you would like it better, bringing it to other places, bringing new styles, electronic beats, artists and MCs.

If you are keen to organize FRIVOL at your hometown, please download FRIVOL_2011.pdf,information brochure.

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